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Do you have a management issue that’s getting you down, or keeping you from moving forward?

Sometimes it helps to talk things over with a third party, and get some outside perspective. I’m available to single-issue calls, or larger project/team restructuring help.

Select an option that works for you below, or if you aren’t sure – shoot me an email at hello (at) Megan-Dougherty (dot) com with what’s got you down, and we can decide together what the best way to get it solved is.

SOS Calls

Do you have a difficult conversation coming up you don’t know how to handle? A team member who won’t change thier behavior? A manager who won’t seem to listen to you? Sometimes you need another set of eyes on a problem, or fresh perspective to work your way out of a difficult situation.

SOS calls are $97, and you can schedule one instantly after checkout. After your payment is processed you’ll be directed to a calendar where you can book a time to get all of this sorted.

This is a Bigger Project

If you know you need to make BIG changes, or better still are planning to grow your team and want to get things right from the get-go, then book a 20-minute chat with me to talk about retainer packages. I can be your on-call support for HR issues, growth planning and support during intense work periods such as launches and batch hiring.

Click here to schedule your call.

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