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    • Find the Online Strategy that Fits YOU

      You and your business are unique. 

      When you're less familiar with the online world, unsure whether or not the more "traditional" online strategies really suit your style, and invested in being ethical, authentic and genuine as you build your business, you need to fully understand the different options available to you.

      Training programs, experts and guru's are a dime a dozen online - and lots of them are doing really excellent work that gets results.

      But there are some things that aren't always clear at the outset. Is this strategy for ME? Do I really KNOW enough to be able to apply it? Do I have what I need to make X, Y or Z work?

      If you've been in business for a little while, but are ready for something NEW - getting online, cultivating an audience, working with partners or building a product, I can help you plan and execute your steps with confidence. 

      So let's take things one step at a time, and figure out what YOU need.

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    • Build Your Resource Bank

      If you're newer in the business building process, you need to build up your resource bank.

      Your Resource Bank is the total of all of the physical and intangible resources you have to use to build your business. This includes things like your time, money, and skills and materials, knowledge, strategies and tools, relationships, mentors and advisors - everything that you might need to draw upon when you're an entrepreneur.

      No matter where you are in your journey - no matter how small some of your bank "accounts" might be - there is always something you can do to increase your available resources - sometimes by actively working on your business, and sometimes by taking other actions - they ALL get you towards your goals - and one of the best ways to get started is through a Side Hustle.

      A Side Hustle lets you practice, try, learn, build, grow and top up the different accounts in your resource bank, so that when you're ready to make your bigger moves - launching a full business, following your highest passion, taking on more clients than ever before, bringing an offline business online - you'll have everything you need to give you the best chance of success.

      Get started today and download 15 Side Hustle Ideas and How to Promote Them to get inspired, and start filling your resource bank!

    • “Megan Dougherty is the total package as a coach. She's knowledgeable, calm, encouraging, resourceful, fun, and all kinds of amazing! I've loved every minute working with her, and would recommend Megan to the world! "

      Marcy McKay

    • “Megan is a rare talent who possesses a depth of knowledge and skill on multiple important subjects related to running and managing a business or organization. Those talents include marketing, scheduling and organizing, customer care, team management and most importantly leadership and growth, just to name a few. Megan is wicked smart and incredibly humble… she knows how to deal with people in a way that is both constructive and uplifting."

      Andy Thompson

    • "Megan has been absolutely invaluable in helping me do the research and really listen to what people need. She totally refocused me so I could go “Hey wait a minute, I need to hear them!” Megan is an amazing mix of phenomenal knowledge and boundaries. She did not come in and say “Stacy, do this” but the minute I had something to say, and things were going forward and I had my own impetus, she was right there holding my hand."

      Stacy Clark